Enable SNMP protocol on Extreme Networks switches

Enable SNMP protocol on Extreme Networks switches

To monitor your Extreme Networks switches with SmartReport, you must enable SNMP protocol on them. Indeed, the SNMP protocol allows to retrieve of statistics information on network equipments.

Connect you to the device shell to monitor:

To connect to the shell of Extreme Networks switches (here Extreme Summit), use Telnet or SSH protocols. Then for each following steps, run the command lines shown.

Enable SNMP :

summit # enable snmp access                                                                              

Configure the community in read :

For security reasons it removes the “public” default community :

summit # configure snmp delete community readonly public                                            

Then it create a new community:

summit # configure snmp add community readonly <nouvelle_communaut>                               

Add trap collectors:

summit # configure snmp add trapreceiver <IP> community <communauté>                                 

<IP>: IP address of your SmartReport server

To view the configuration:

summit # sh management
CLI idle timeouts:             disabled
CLI Paging:                    enabled
CLI Prompt Number:             enabled
CLI configuration logging:     enabled
Telnet access:                 enabled tcp port: 23
Web HTTP access:               enabled tcp port: 80
Web HTTPS access:              cert key pair valid, disabled tcp port: 443
SSH Access:                    key valid, enabled tcp port: 22
UDP Echo Server:               disabled udp port: 7
SNMP Access:                   enabled
SNMP Read Only Communities:    rykfcwcg
Total Read Only Communities:1
SNMP Read Write Communities: r~`|kug
Total Read Write Communities:1
SNMP dot1dTpFdbTable:          disabled
RMON polling:                  disabled
SNMP Traps:                    enabled
SNMP v1/v2c TrapReceivers:
    Destination               Community           Source IP Address  Flags
    srv­nagios   /162          rykfcwcg                               2EA
    srv­smartreport   /162    rykfcwcg                               2EA
Flags: Version: 1=v1 2=v2c
       Mode: S=Standard E=Enhanced
       Trap Groups: s=STP b=BGP o=OSPF p=Ping/Traceroute v=VRRP y=System
                    e=Extreme m=Smart Traps a=Auth l=Link Up/Down r=RMON
SNMP MAC Security traps:       disabled
Link Up/Link Down traps enabled on ports:  All
SNMP stats:    inPkts 0        outPkts 0      errors 0       authErrors 0
               Gets 0          GetNexts 0     Sets 0
SNMP traps:    sent 1 authTraps enabled
Exceed­committed­rate traps enabled on ports: None
Login stats:
       validLogins 1 badPasswords 0 unknownUsers 0
       Telnet: total 1 valid 1 invalid 0
       HTTPS: total 0 valid 0 invalid 0
       HTTP: total 0 valid 0 invalid 0
Management access stats:
        Protocol   UDP/TCP    Port       Total packets   Rejected packets
        ­­         ­­         ­­         ­­              ­­
        Protocol   Source IP Address    UDP/TCP    Port   Time

To save the configuration:

 summit #save
Do you want to save to the primary configuration database? y                                       

Your switch is ready now to be monitored by SmartReport.