Enable SNMP protocol on Windows

Enable SNMP protocol on Windows

To supervise, SmartReport with your Windows servers, you must activate them on SNMP. Indeed, the SNMP service is implemented on all recent versions of Windows. In the remainder of this page, it is explained how to install and configure this service on a Windows operating system (here it is Windows XP, but the procedure is the same for all latest versions)

Installation of SNMP service


Go in  “Control Panel”, and double click on “Add/Remove Softwares”, and click on the button Add/Remove Windows components :

The assistant Windows Components opens. Point on Management and Analyses Tools and click on the button Details :


The window “Management and Analyses Tools” opens. Select SNMP protocol :

Click on OK and then on Next : Windows save the new components (the CD-Rom Installation you may be asked).

Click on Finish. The SNMP protocol is now installed.

Configuration of SNMP service

To access SNMP configuration, click with the right click on the Work Station icon and then click on Manage :


The windows of the computer management appears. Open “Services and applications”, then point on Services. The list of all services on the système appears. Double click on SNMP Service :


The first four tabs (General, Connexion, Recovery and Dependencies) use to configure the standard option of any service (the boot mode, the computer response in case of failure of service).


In the tab Security, remove the public community (button “Delete”), Dans l’onglet Sécurité, supprimez la communauté Public (bouton “Supprimer”), so that the information is not visible to everyone:


Now, you have to make a new community clicking on the button “Add”, you could then select its name and its rights (read only advisable because SmartReport doesn’t need to read the SNMP protocol):

It is also possible to secure you SNMP service by setting one by one the equipments that your computer will accept requests. To do it, tick “Accept the SNMP packets from this hosts”, click on “Add”, and enter the name or the address server of SmartReport.

The tab “Traps” is used to manage SNMP traps. The activation of traps requires a community and at least one destination (here the community made above and SmartReport as destination).

Your client workstation or your windows server can be managed now by SmartReport.