To bring the best expertise and autonomy, we provide extensive training with high technological value, covering three solutions and scenarios.

For an easier and more effective assimilation, the pedagogy of SmartReport is based on learning both theory and practice, where 50% of class time is spent on practical implementations of the teachings in the models. We provide our training exclusively in intra-firm, in your offices. In this operation, the scenarios are adapted to your team and your projects to further enhance the quality of learning and assimilation.

Teaching Method

The training services provided by SmartReport consist of 2 phases.

Adapting the program and teaching materials for training
Before each training, the detailed program of training and models are developed jointly with your team, to insist on the most important elements of the program, and meet your needs. The program is usually custom-made based on one or more formations SmartReport catalog. You have the opportunity to modify and replace some technical points of the original program by other elements, usually covered in other training in the catalog of SmartReport.

Training animation

The training phase itself, in which the SmartReport consultant trainer runs training on your offices, in accordance with the program defined and detailed in the training material provided. SmartReport is a training center approved by the DDTEFP. On your request, the training programs can be a training agreement to receive funding from your OPCA.


The training are divided into 3 categories: