Network Map

Do you know the operating condition of your IT network?

Network map is an essential building block of monitoring and a key element of SmartReport. SmartReport provides a simple map tool, intended for administrators and operations teams. Easily and fully editable by “drag and drop », each map provides, in a glance, the layout of the architecture, the information on the availability of your equipment and your services and the level congestions of network links.

The maps show the status of each device, as determined by the monitoring module, and the level of congestion on the network links, as determined by the SNMP module. The state of equipment is conditioned by the status of various services it provides and that are monitored by SmartReport.

Example of map


Example of map

Summary maps

When a comprehensive view of the infrastructure or of a group of equipment is necessary, SmartReport offers a summary map feature, making it possible for you to create « maps of maps », as shown in the illustration below. Summary maps avoid map overloading when placing too many facilities onto it.

Map showing the overall status of the 6 summary maps of which it is made up

Map slideshow

When the number of monitoring equipment is important, it is not unusual to dedicate a desk with one or more screens, the role of which are to display your network status at all times. SmartReport includes a map slideshow feature, designed specifically for this type of need. In this mode, your maps scroll down one by one, providing you the vision you need on the various networks that you supervise.