Network reporting

Reporting is the 3rd functional brick of SmartReport. It provides simple analysis and reporting tools, the goal of which is to use the information contained in the performance management and incident management modules to:

  • Measure the service levels and anticipate the trends

  • Optimise and make IT investments profitable

Database and archiving with RRD

The storage and archiving of performance indicators are achieved with the Opensource RRD database ( RRD is a database designed to archive indicators that are changing over time. The archiving method used by DRP is a perpetual cyclical storage. The volume of stored data on the base does not change, nor does the size of the database, making it especially efficient, even for archiving periods of several years.

The indicators are consolidated on their average values, minimum and maximum over a given period. The accuracy of the data changes according to the age (e.g. 5-minute accuracy over the last 2 days, then 30 minutes over the last 2 weeks, etc…).


SmartReport produces a dashboard for each equipment. The dashboard shows the overall availability of an equipment over a given period of time, from the availability of each service that it provides.

A dashboard based on the availability of all services monitored by SmartReport is also produced. Data are presented as pie charts (pie) or tables.

Availability Diagrams of the equipment and services monitored

Personalised reports

In order to gather within the same view the relevant indicators and instrument panels for your infrastructure, SmartReport makes possible the creation of personalized reports grouping the indicators and “pie charts” of your choice. The purpose is to see easily and immediately the evolution of each of these indicators against each other and eventually their relationship.

The reports may consist of the following elements:

  • Chain Links

  • Graphs

  • Diagrams of equipment availability

  • Diagrams of service availability

The personalised reports may be exported in HTML format, to be editable in word processing text, including Word and OpenOffice.

Connection chains

The connection chains in SmartReport make it possible to define a group of equipment or service, by specifying the logical bond “AND”/“OR” which exists between their availability in the application chain.

Example of a connection chain made with SmartReport

The purpose of this feature is to provide availability reports, taking into account the applications based on several services (for instance: total availability of a 3-tier architecture made up of network frontals, application servers, databases and network infrastructures), and by taking into account the redundancies mechanisms in the calculation of the availability.

Indeed, it is common to have redundant architectures that continue to function perfectly in spite of the loss of equipment. In this case, it is logical that the total availability ratio is not affected by the loss of equipment if this one does not have impact on the data-processing production.