Performance Management

The performance management provides the tools and information that allow for the administrators to measure the performance level and the load of each equipment that make up the network infrastructure. The objectives are:

  • To measure and improve the level of the service provided

  • To facilitate and assist the analysis and diagnosis

The performance management system includes the following features: consolidated monitoring, monitoring in real time, with the Accounting stream protocols Netflow / sFlow, Measurement of service level protocols with ALS and AAS.

Consolidated Monitoring

Consolidated monitoring consists of measuring an indicator regularly and presenting its changes over time in a concise and accurate report in the form of a graph suitable to the indicator represented. SmartReport uses the SNMP to collect the value of the performance indicators of each equipment.

Example of CPU load on a server


Equipment Models

SmartReport bases its operation on a system of equipment model. To each type of equipment, there is a monitoring model. A router is not supervised in the same way as a firewall. Similarly, a Cisco router is not supervised in the same way as a Juniper router.

The aim of the equipment model is to define what are the indicators to monitor and the reports to procude in order to provide immediatly a relevant and appropriate monitoring for each equipment, without any knowledge of the SNMP protocol, or of the MIB of the equipment to be supervised. Amongst the indicators available in the equipment model, we often find the most common indicators, published by almost all the manageable equipments (e.g. Bandwidth used on the network interface, CPU load) as well as the specific indicators typical of the role of each device (e.g. use of buffers on a router, packages dropper on a firewall, requests served on a Web server, etc…).

As outlined in the paragraph dealing with the passive monitoring, the equipment models also provide information about the SNMP Traps in order to be able to recognize and interpret traps emitted by equipment.

Real time monitoring

For some indicators (traffic, CPU, temperature, RMON) SmartReport can allow a real-time monitoring. It presents the same information as the consolidated monitoring, but with much closer measures, the measurement step can decrease by at least 5 seconds. It is an excellent complement to the consolidated monitoring when it comes to making a diagnosis on a current problem.

Exemple de Top Talkers

Unlike the consolidated monitoring, the measurements taken by real-time monitoring are not recorded and consolidated in a database for exploration over a longer period.

The measures related to the real-time monitoring are carried out directly by the administrator’s workstation, through a Java module loaded in the SmartReport interface. Note that a network access (SNMP) to the equipment is necessary from the supervisory position used for this feature and that all the indicators cannot be monitored in real time, including those requiring scripts on the appliance.

Flows analysis and Netflow / sFlow collector

SmartReport includes a Netflow and sFlow collector. Coupled with a powerful scanning  and access-list engine, the xFlow collector provides vision on your network flows, with classification (TopTalkers, Top Protocols, …) and graphs.

Répartition protocolaire Netflow