Solutions for
Integrator and IT Provider

Integrator and IT Provider

SmartReport offers its partner operators a different network monitoring products with high added value, enabling them to expand their offering with a simple, affordable and innovative monitoring solution.


SmartReport provides a simple and effective solution in a operator context.

  • Distinguish your offering with a range of monitoring products simple, relevant and adapted to the needs of your corporate clients and administrations.

  • Offer services to audit and monitor operating turn-key, based on SmartReport and to point up good and undeniable data.

  • Put it available to your customers a third monitoring, inter-operable and independent of manufacturers.

Overview and context

SmartReport is an innovative monitoring software designed to simplify network operations and IT systems.

Whether LAN network, security, telephony over IP, infrastructure or applications system, integrators and IT solutions companies provide a wide range of solutions with high technological value. For these projects, the provision of appropriate and effective monitoring is a valuable asset in all phases, from feasibility study to support, through integration and the recipe.

Network size and types of monitored equipment

SmartReport is designed for networks between 50 and 1,000 active equipment. To provide overall monitoring of all your network,  SmartReport monitors your network by controls and adapted requests to every equipment.

The solution interoperability is a leading technology for the monitoring of all your network.

  • Network and security
    Switches, routers, firewalls, VPN …

  • Telephony over IP

    IPBX, Media Gateway, CTI, sound quality …

  • Physical and virtual servers

    Windows Server, Linux, UNIX, ESX

  • Applications
    Middleware, database


SmartReport combines in an all-in-one solution the key features of network and infrastructure monitoring.

  • Network Map

  • SNMP Monitoring

  • Active and Passive Monitoring

  • Flow analysis

  • Reporting